Netgraph Connect

Guest Wi-Fi - simplified

A Guest Wi-Fi solution that works equally well for retail, schools, public sector and enterprise companies.

Multiple Sign-in Options

You can choose how your Sign-on should behave based on our out-of-the-box options for individuals, visitors, groups, or public places. They are scalable and can be built and tailored to the needs of your business.


Does your guest request Internet access during their visit? This feature allows the meeting host to determine who can connect to the Guest Wi-Fi and for how long the access should last.

You no longer need to disturb the front desk to help your guests connect to the Guest Wi-Fi.


In some cases, there is a need to provide more people with access to the Guest Wi-Fi for a limited period of time. During events, training or larger meetings, the built-in Conference/ Group ID feature can be used to advantage.

Book in advance

Conference guests can choose the Conference login option on the portal page and fill in a conference ID. Conference IDs can either be booked in advance by a conference manager or by employees via the Self-Service portal.

Email Registration

This sign-in module lets you as a hotel guest or employee of a company connect to the Guest Wi-Fi with your own device.

When you connect to the guest Wi-Fi and sign-in by using your e-mail address, your device is initially assigned a short-term Internet access. At the same time, you will receive an email where you can verify that you are about to sign in for the service.

After verifying the sign-in, Internet access will be extended to a time configured by the administrator (e.g., 3 days, 1 month, 3 years).

Quick Access

The Quick Access feature is well suited for situations where users only must read an acceptable use policy (AUP) page and Accept (e.g. waiting rooms, departure halls).

Click Through

When joining the Guest Wi-Fi the visitor must click on a button indicating agreement to the terms of the policy. Then the visitor receives Internet access for a specified period. The administrator can easily adjust for how long the access will last.


Devices like Printers, Apple-TVs and Gaming consoles can be challenging to board on a Guest Wi-Fi. That’s often because of the captive portal features. Netgraph Connect provides several ways for both administrators and Wi-Fi users to manually board this kind of devices themselves.

Opening Hours

No need to provide Internet access outside of office hours? No problem! With Opening Hours, you can schedule the availability of your Internet Access according to your likings. When your business close, so does your guest WiFi.

Custom Splash Pages

Use your splash page (also known as a 'captive portal') to provide a customized branding experience to your guests. Make sure the splash page displays your corporate logo and color scheme.

The splash page can also show the terms of service, which might include an acceptable use agreement or a privacy statement.

Spark Bot Integration

Interested in simplifying your guest experience even further? No problem! By integrating with Cisco Spark Collaboration Tool you can activate a personal Network Assistant to handle all your Guest Wi-Fi operations.

Learn more about it

By using Netgraph Connects unique design we have saved $100k in infrastructure investments.

Peter Larsson, CIO - Skistar

Plug & Play On Any Network

By using our unique service gateway - design pattern, Netgraph Connect can be integrated on any existing network, wired or wireless. No need to replace your existing infrastructure to get a state-of-the-art Guest Wi-Fi experience.

All you need to do is place a supported Cisco Router in the traffic flow and configure it as a Netgraph Connect - Service Gateway (from 30 lines of configuration depending on setup).

We currently support the following Cisco routers:

CSR1000v, ISR4221-AX/K9, ISR4321-AX/K9, ISR4331-AX/K9, ISR4351-AX/K9, ISR4431-AX/K9, ISR4451X-AX/K9

...and more are on the way.

We are currently working on adding support for:
- Cisco Routers: ASR1000
- Cisco Firewalls: ASA 5500, Firepower 2100/4100/9300

Why invest in your Guest Wi-Fi?

"Wi-Fi More Important to Hotel Guests Than Breakfast And Parking."

Simplicity for all

Our services are easy to use and require neither prior knowledge nor technical competence.

  • - The login portal can be customized to your company profile, with background image and logotype to make it clear who is behind it.
  • - The portal is responsive so that it works on different devices; Smartphones, Tablets and Computers

Increasing your security

With a Guest Wi-Fi that you are in control of, there is no need to worry about unauthorized access that is often the case with "whiteboard password"-solutions.

Because you are responsible for the fact that no one performs criminal acts via your network, it's a nice feeling always being able to control who is able to use your network.

Using the service you can generate user statistics and graphs. You also get a clear overview of traffic logging.

Reduce your costs

"Providing your guest with Internet access should be as natural as offering a cup of coffee - and should take no longer"

One of the big benefits of implementing a self-managed Guest Wi-Fi solution is that you're freeing up time for the administrative staff, e.g. front desk staff as well as other staff.

Responsibility is transferred to the person who receives a guest at a company, organizes a meeting, a conference or is the teacher of a school class.

Stop delaying your meetings forcing your guest to wait at the front desk for Internet vouchers.

Use the Guest Wi-Fi as a way to start a great relationship

"We lost a lot of the opportunities to do much more with somebody visiting"

Providing a good Guest Wi-Fi is not only good customer care. It's also a chance to start a good relationship with your visitors.

With users signing in with their e-mail address, there is the opportunity to create further contact, communicate and work strategically with information and marketing.

Some of our Clients

Our clients include small to large companies, public sector and large enterprises. We are incredibly proud of the diversity of clients and client solutions we have been able to provide.

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