Making a good first impression

Netgraph Guest helps you focus on the user, not the administration.

Some of our experiencers

Making a good first impression

Make sure your users have a positive experience. Do not let administration stand in the way of offering an internet connection.

Making use of current technology

Go from old-fashioned vouchers at the reception desk, the password on the whiteboard or complicated administrative procedures to going digital all the way. 

Save time on several fronts

Take the pressure off reception and administrative staff by distributing responsibility for who gets internet access.

Showcase your brand

You’ve worked hard to build your brand – Netgraph Connect makes it easy to make the network part of the brand experience.

Showcase your graphic profile

Set your own color and shape along with the logo. All responsive so it works on phones, tablets and computers. After logging in, the guest is directed to a web page of their choice.

Stand up for your values

Security does not have to be daunting. With Netgraph Connect, you can offer easy management while keeping your office secure.

Focus on the user experience

Having modern meeting facilities is important, but it is the overall feel that leaves a lasting impression. 
Netgraph Connect lets you focus on the person, not the administration.

Starting a good relationship

Providing a good network is not only good customer care, it is also a great opportunity to start a long-term relationship with your visitors.

Multiple routes in

Netgraph Connect offers several simultaneous login options. Different options are available for individuals, visitors, groups or public places.

Efficiency in focus

Visitors and meeting hosts manage the application and login themselves. The result is efficient meetings and relief for administrative staff.

Giving employees security

Don’t let your team worry unnecessarily. With Netgraph Connect, your employees trust that they can manage connectivity on their own.

Stop guessing

Employees are less stressed when they can manage their own connection to the network. No more searching for passwords on intranets and whiteboards.

Reduce administrative burden

By automating tedious daily tasks, Netgraph Connect gives your team more time to work on what matters.