Plug & Play

Independent of the existing underlying network architecture.

Some of our partners

Plug & Play on existing network

Netgraph Connect is independent of the existing underlying network architecture. The service is realized by implementing a Cisco router as a Service Gateway directly in the flow between the existing network and the internet. Support is also available for direct integration with Cisco SD-WAN or Cisco Meraki™.

Network access as a service

Central delivery-Network as a service (NaaS)

  • Netgraph Connect multitenant.
  • Capacity-based pricing model.
  • Our partners package the service together with IP-VPN or SD-WAN and include internet and other additional services.

Customer-located delivery

  • Netgraph Connect-Capacity-based pricing model.
  • Our partners sell and support the Cisco hardware needed to deliver the service.

Cloud-based delivery (Cisco Meraki™)

  • -Netgraph Connect – MR license.
  • Quick and easy integration with your Cisco Meraki network.

Design & implementation

Implement Netgraph Connect your way.
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