"Netgraph allows us to focus on our visitors and create a personalized and welcoming experience - it's more fun than printing vouchers.

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We want to focus on the visitor

With Jämtkraft you get electricity from renewable energy sources. All electricity and a large part of the district heating sold is produced from solar, wind, water and forest. Renewable energy is energy that can be renewed in a natural way such as solar, wind, hydro and forest residues, bioenergy. This is an area Jämtkraft knows inside and out. Jämtkraft has been producing electricity from renewable energy since 1889. It started with a wood-fired steam boiler in the port of Östersund that provided lighting to five subscribers. Today there are customers throughout the Nordic region.

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renewable energy

The energy industry is facing exciting challenges. Not least with digitalization, new technologies, climate threats and new customer needs. For Jämtkraft, it is an opportunity to help drive the energy transition and develop the services of the future.

Jämtkraft wants to create a safe and welcoming experience for everyone who visits and works in their offices. There are more than 100 different occupations where every employee is responsible and important. Effective meetings are a matter of course.

Netgraph Connect helps us contribute to that,” says Miriam Örjebo, customer manager and former receptionist at Jämtkraft. “We don’t want to waste our visitors or employees’ time. Effective meetings require modern tools. The fact that our visitors are somewhat impressed by our guest network is a great thing,” she says.

Smooth meetings save time

When visitors need internet access, they connect to Jämtkraft’s guest network with their phone or computer. In the login portal they fill in their name, company and the email address of the person they are visiting (the meeting host), then they have to wait for the meeting host to approve their request. Then just surf on. This allows visitors to access the internet quickly and easily, while reducing the burden on the reception desk and giving the IT department full traceability.

Miriam really likes how Netgraph Connect makes life easier for everyone involved. “The best thing is that the visitors, together with the staff, can manage the internet access themselves,” says Miriam. “Not having to interrupt meetings to stand in the reception ‘voucher queue’ is great”.

Before Netgraph Connect, when visitors had to queue for a voucher, the front desk had to spend a lot of time administering internet access. In addition, many meetings had to be canceled due to failure to collect the voucher. Jämtkraft expects meetings to be made more efficient by about 10 minutes. Not only was it time-consuming, but it also disrupted the rhythm of the meeting as entire parties suddenly had to move to the reception.

Netgraph Connect allows us to focus on the visitor instead of the technology. It gives us a nice start to our meetings.

Via Netgraph Connect we get traceability in a secure visitor log and the meeting host is notified by email when a visitor requests internet access. The system automatically withdraws access at the end of the visit, which makes the IT department happy. Combined, this allows us at the reception to focus on taking care of the visitor instead of acting as IT staff,” says Miriam with a twinkle in her eye.

Nice to be able to offer internet access to staff

A prerequisite for successfully driving the energy transition is a skilled and committed workforce. In Jämtkraft’s business plan, there are three goals to follow in order to focus on social sustainability. Sustainable employees who are secure, feel good and have the opportunity to develop in their jobs are crucial for Jämtkraft to succeed with the ambition to be Sweden’s best energy partner in 2025, which is an internal goal.

When Energiföretagen Sverige had its industry meeting on May 8, 2019, Jämtkraft won the award as “Most attractive and sustainable employer 2019” among more than 30 companies in the electricity and energy industry. At the same time, Jämtkraft also received the “Excellent Employer 2019” award, which means that we are among ten percent of the best companies in Sweden in terms of actual working conditions in all industries.

“Being able to offer staff internet access has been a goal for a long time,” says Marcus Weman, IT coordinator at Jämtkraft. “The reason why we couldn’t do it earlier was partly for security reasons, but mainly because of the administrative burden it would entail,” he says.

Netgraph Connect solved both these problems for us thanks to traceability in the system and self-administration by our employees. “If they have access to their e-mail at Jämtkraft, they can verify their login themselves, without any involvement from us at IT”, says Marcus.“Easy as pie!”

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