Netgraph Connect - a secure guest network for businesses

Meet the challenge of providing connectivity to company, employee and visitor devices with a guest network that keeps your workplace secure and saves your team time.


Simplify the connection

Move away from old-fashioned vouchers at the reception, the password on the whiteboard or complicated administrative procedures and go digital all the way.

10+ login methods that can be customized for your business.

Offload administrative staff, reception, employees or students by distributing responsibility for who can connect to the guest network.





Quick Access





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Take control of your guest network

Keeping your company’s guest network secure starts the moment a user connects. Keep track of who, how and when users log in. Determine the access level and duration. If a connected device no longer meets the criteria for access, it can be immediately revoked.

Making a good first impression

You’ve worked hard to build your company’s brand – Netgraph Connect makes it easy to make the guest network part of the brand experience. 

Put the company’s color and shape together with the logo. All responsive so it works on phones, tablets and computers. After logging in, the guest is directed to a web page of their choice.

Plug & Play on existing network

Netgraph Connect is independent of the existing underlying network architecture. The service is realized by implementing a Cisco router as a Service Gateway directly in the flow between the existing network and the internet. Support is also available for direct integration with Cisco SD-WAN or Cisco Meraki™.

Guest networks for businesses require compliance with laws & regulations

There is a lot to consider in order to comply with today’s laws and regulations. Let Netgraph Connect manage the requirements related to your company’s guest network.


Key features

A complete solution for your company's guest network

10+ login modules

Create multiple login flows based on your company’s needs. 10+ innovative login methods that can be combined as needed.


Deliver your company’s graphic profile for a complete visitor experience.


Save time and money by managing your guest network effectively. Distribute administration to end users to relieve the IT department and reception.

Secure access

Take control of the guest network by deciding who can log in and how long access is allowed.

Analysis & control

Get insight into connected devices, who has authorized access for visitors and more. Export data in a few clicks.

Plug & Play

Integrates on any network.