Keep your network secure

Keeping the network secure starts the moment a user connects. Keep track of who, how and when users log in.

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Keep track of who is connected

Get an overview of how the network is used. Have full control over who is connecting and how long access has been granted.

Real-time monitoring

Provides a real-time overview of how the solution is used, such as the number of logged-in visitors, who authorized the connection, etc.

Incident response

In case of abuse, use the event log to know who has connected and when. Quickly block unwanted devices or users.


Gain insight into visitor volume, who is meeting visitors and more. Export data in a few clicks.

Discover trends with detailed analysis

See which days and times your network is busiest so you can scale your infrastructure or staffing accordingly.

Identify frequent connections

Keep an eye on which employees are approving the most connections or if students’ permissions need to be changed.

Devices that are no longer visible online

Find out if there are devices that no longer connect to the network and whose access can be revoked.


Put power in their hands

Enable employees, guests or students to help themselves and continue their work using self-service.

You have full control over who can do what.

Connect to the network

Employees, guests or students can log in themselves via email, student ID or the organization’s own Identity Provider (SAML).

Receiving visitors

Allow your employees to manage visitors themselves, freeing up time for reception and IT departments.

Other units

Users can add devices without screens themselves (whitelisting).

Large parties

Allow employees to offer access to larger groups via group IDs.

Giving employees security

Don’t let your team worry unnecessarily. With Netgraph Connect, your employees trust that they can manage connectivity on their own.

Stop guessing

Employees are less stressed when they can manage their own connection to the network. No more searching for passwords on intranets and whiteboards.

Reduce administrative burden

By automating tedious daily tasks, Netgraph Connect gives your team more time to work on what matters.